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Tanisha Tyler-Graves

Tanisha Tyler-Graves is a nationally ranked health educator, advocate and entrepreneur. Her hope is to educate and bring forth awareness about the stigma that surrounds epilepsy.

She spends her time, talent and treasure working alongside vulnerable populations- helping to improve their social, economic and health outcomes. 

She works closely with various stakeholders including faith-based ministries, veterans, and parents of children with disabilities (e.g., epilepsy, rare diseases, etc.…).

She is a sought-out speaker; presenter and panelist.  Tanisha is a proud wife, mother, grandmother and civic leader. She and her husband Bobby work tirelessly to bring focus, voice and passion to the needs of those who fight for health, economic and social equity, especially those whose voices are left out of the planning tables. 

Mrs. Tyler-Graves is the founder of two nonprofit corporations- “Operation Love Inc”., and “When The Trumpet Sounds” (advocating for Epilepsy community).

 Mrs. Tyler-Graves holds an Associate Degree in AA with a certification in Evangelism, Associate Degree in MA and Bachelors Degree In Theology.  She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree.  She is also a certified seizure instructor.

Ambassador of the month for February and July 2022.

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