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Autobiography of Rachel Ellen Meekins

Born the youngest of 4 daughters of Lenora and Ellis Meekins on October 29, 1975.  Graduated from Lafayette High School in 1993 in Williamsburg VA.  Single mother of 2 daughters Jazmin Crump 26 and Janine Crump 18.  Worked a few jobs in Housekeeping and Grocery stores.  Went on to Kee business College and Graduated in 2007 with a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding in Newport News VA.  Worked at a few doctors’ offices for a couple years.  Then received an opportunity to work at Lumber Liquidators and worked my way from a custodian for 45 days to Customer Service, to Order Support, and then Data Analyst, was there for 11 years. Currently employed at ABB Company in Richmond VA as an Account Manager Coordinator/Analyst and the Secretary of When the Trumpets Sound Epilepsy Awareness Nonprofit Organization. Always been hard working and a go getter. Never afraid of change and very eager to learn new things.

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